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Welcome to Easy Blogger Stuff. In this section, you will learn how to create your own blog using blogspot. The total process is split into several courses and has been explained in an easier and simpler way for you to easily understand and work on your own, without the necessity of paying someone to get your blog designed. The course starts right from the scratch i.e right from the creation of new blog and moves all the way through basic settings, design, customization, SEO, marketing etc. 

This course was framed in an easier way so that starters could find that simpler for their blogs improvement and success. wherever necessary, explanations were given in an elaborated manner.  Check the links below and go through them in-order.

Create a blog Courses

Blog Design, Layout and SEO

The above basic courses are preliminary/essential tools for the creation of a blog. In addition to the above courses, I hereby give some useful guide for organizing your blog. Organize in the sense, altering additionally the design and layout of your blog in order to make it look great for easy navigation and give unique/pleasing looks. Also the topics that will be useful for optimizing your blog to search engines (SEO) has been included wherever necessary. 
Remember; not all the below topics are absolutely necessary for your blog. You may include some of them (or even all) as per your needs. For example, I included Facebook Like box as well as floating social media buttons in my blog, but I didn't go for twitter update. It's just my choice, same goes with you. You may choose the most suitable and helpful gadgets for your blog !

How to add page menu tabs and customize it 

SEO Essentials

SEO | Worst practices to avoid | Black-Hat SEO

Best killer content making tips for beginners

I recommend you to go through my other blog posts categorized under separate page tabs 'SEO', 'SMM' and 'Make money' to gain knowledge in areas like marketing through social media, making money from blogs as well optimizing your site.

Hope you enjoyed these tutorials. Happy blogging :)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. It's been a wonderful resource centre for me. I've implemented more than 60% of how to start my own's been working for me.

    But i guess you forgot to teach 'us" how to create "Tabs"otherwise known as categories, which would make it easy for our visitors to navigate our blog post. Just like you have on your blog...SEO, Bloger Chat, Create Blog etc.

    Please i would appreciate it to know how to create it on my blog.

    1. Hi Quadri,

      Good to hear that you are working on Blogspot and thanks for the note. Actually I already gave guide for 'How to customize and include page tabs' in my earlier post, that's why I didn't wrote that again. Anyway here is the link

      How to customise and add page menu tabs in Blogger

      I just didn't added similar posts in this page 'Create Blog'. Further you may check more similar posts (that are more or less related to blog design) under the page tabs 'Blog design' as well as 'SEO' in this blog. Hope this helps !

      Happy blogging :)

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