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Triberr Benefits | How it drives traffic and followers

What is a Triberr ?

Well, I can say Triberr is neither a micro blogging site nor a social media network something like Facebook or Pinterest. It is called Blog Amplification Platform, a network solely dedicated to the bloggers to group similar minded bloggers and share others blog posts or works. Trust me Triberr will increase your Twitter followers from 100 to 1000 (at least). Yes it's true, all you need to do is share others posts in Triberr.

Who use Triberr ?

Well, bloggers join groups or communities that are more or less related to their niche. These groups are named as 'Tribe'. Of course, Triberr is not meant for the audience (whom get benefited from the blog posts), but it is basically meant for the bloggers to help fellow bloggers in order to receive help to their own blog, just like trading. The interesting thing in Triberr is that there is no need to post your new blog posts manually. Once you update your blog settings (initially), then Triberr automatically receives your newly updated post links (along with description and a picture) through feeds

Photo attributes : Kashflow blog

As soon as you publish a post, Triberr immediately grabs that as well as share the same in your social media account (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) from your side. In other words you don't need to take the pain of writing all the descriptions, copying URL, giving tags, loading pictures, like we do in other social media platforms like Tumblr, Stumble Upon etc.

Reach 200K ?

By joining two tribes that too in just four days, I achieved nearly 200K reach, it means my post will be visible to these 200K people ! The thing we need to do is search for relevant tribes that seems active; and join them by sending a membership request to the owner of the tribe (usually referred to as chief). You can even create your own groups (Tribe) and invite co-bloggers to join yours. Alternatively, other bloggers may find your tribe in search results (or so called 'bonfires' that is available in Triberr to let new tribers post something about themselves or invite people to join their own tribe) and possibly they might approach your tribe to get a membership. In this way, your blog network grows and soon there will be many people sharing your content as well as recommend you to their own people. Of course you too do the same.

My content shared by un-known ?

The biggest benefit of being a member of Triberr is that your content will get shared by many unknown co-bloggers, those whom are unknown to you or even they doesn't know ! Such is the power of this platform. Audience (end-users) are in no way related in triberr. Also, Triberr was designed with very lovely user-interface where it doesn't take even 5 seconds to share a content. All you need to do is just place your cursor over a button and you are done ! No need to paste URL, no need of writing descriptions, nothing. Everything is done automatically. 

Image source : Jeffbullas website

How multiple sharing helps ?

The other important thing to note is whenever you share multiple posts (say 10 posts) of others in Triberr, the posts won't be appearing immediately in your social media timeline (like twitter, if you preferred), the posts will be shared with some time gap (say from 5 to 20 minutes) thus maintaining a naturality. It means what you share within 10 minutes  will be updated one-by-one in your social  media timeline with good time gap (say upto 2 hours), thus allowing you to look over your own work or blog without minding social presence. I started doing this : share multiple posts at a time, then work on my own blog (or even take a short nap !) and after returning from my work, I see my timeline still getting updated with shares. 

Where my shares are updated ?

Triberr allows one to connect with three major social media networks viz Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You can integrate your accounts with Triberr so that whenever you share someones (or your own) posts, then that will go automatically to your preferred social media account. I preferred to integrate only Twitter account because Twitter is the place from where my blog has been receiving good number of followers as well as traffic to my posts. Of course Facebook and LinkedIn are handful but the fact is sharing others content, doesn't help me grow much traffic in such social media. I prefer to manually update in such platforms.

Benefit of sharing others blog

When you share a post of a co-blogger (he may be new to you) in say twitter, then that update will appear followed by @username, username here is the twitter name of the co-blogger. So, he will get to now that you shared his content and hence he may do the following actions

  1. Re-tweet your shared content
  2. Share your content like you shared his 
  3. Add you back to his circle
  4. Appreciate you with your name in it

1. Re-tweet your shared content

Now, let us analyze some facts about this, when the co-blogger re-tweets your share, then almost all the followers of him would come to know the link along with your twitter name. It's like he/she is recommending you to his/her followers. In this process there's a grater chance of getting noted by new people and hence they might follow you too. 

Image source : Open2source

2. Co-blogger shares your content 

Out of courtesy, he too starts sharing your content from Triberr, just to show his thanks to you, because you shared his. So, in other words  your involvement to find new people have drastically reduced and your co-blogger is helping you find new followers as well as blog readers. Some one is promoting you, Awesome isn't it ? 

Even I observed that many influencers are supporting me. After joining Triberr, I started sharing content of bloggers who seemed famous, I mean influencers. Surprisingly, they acknowledged me and they too started sharing my content. You know what it mean, my profile will be visible to not less than 5K new people, since every influencer has got good number of followers !

3. Co-blogger adds you back

Well, after he follows you and you follows him back, the next thing he does is find you in Triberr through the tribes and may add you to their own tribe as a member. When you are added as a member by some one in a tribe, then it's like he is recommending you. I mean you have been given credit as a valuable blogger and the credit has been brought to the notice of fellow tribe-mates. And whenever your post gets updated, then the co-blogger as well as other tribe-mates  will definitely 
share your content (at least to 60%). You know what it mean; your content will be shown to millions !

4. Co-blogger appreciates you

When you share his content, he will be give a reply something like 'Thanks for sharing' or 'Thanks for RT', which again will be visible to his followers. Hence it's like appreciating you in front of many people. Again there is a greater chance getting more followers.

Image source : Kindredgifts blog

These are the points that I noted with my experience with Triberr, thought like sharing with you so that you could also find good number of followers as well as traffic to your blog. Anyway, helping a fellow blogger is always awesome and would be delightful too ! isn't it ?

Hope this helps.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by posting a comment below. 

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  1. Blogging can be a lot of fun. But before getting into it you must know that just writing blog posts is only a small part of the work you will have to do on a daily basis as a blogger. This is why goals setting is the key to not only stay on top of your tasks but also have that feeling of achievement whenever you are feeling down.

    1. well said. I agree, if not daily, blogger must maintain a regularity like twice in a week or some other timing, unless the blog is a educational or service one.