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SMM mistakes that startup business must avoid

Before beginning the actual topic; let me discuss a small yet universal. You know that professors of almost all institute's have profound knowledge on a particular subject mostly because of their vast experience. But, in-spite of having experience as well as grip on certain subjects, they too do mistakes sometimes, right ? Same goes with any field, even some of the branded on line social marketing influencers or brands do small to big mistakes. 

Think about the situation of a starter brand or business ! knowingly or knowingly they would be doing more. For this reason and in order to make you aware of some of the key areas, I have given some of my views on how to come across  this; so as to avoid the so called 'Social media mistakes. 

1. Over socializing

Well, socializing is very good but only to a limit. The reason is obvious, if you are totally concentrated on getting socialized then you will forget your main job; your business. You will find less time for your business and consequently your output would be less. If you are a content marketer or a blogger, then being over socialized means you will get less time for writing your own content and so the result would be more followers but with no use to your business !

So, as a starter, your focus should be more on making products or creating content instead of over socializing. Once you develop a good quantity of business products, then you may think of a way to popularize it using social networks. 

2. Not socializing, not caring business hours

We now know the side effects of over socializing, the same principle applies to under socializing or not socializing. Once you develop handy number of business products, and if you are not distributing it (especially through social networks; as it is the main source of marketing in current world) then you will be in trouble. Nobody will be noticing your content as there are many competitors out there offering the same service, whom seems active in social networks. 

Your work will not get noticed until you yourself spread it. So, you need to make a business plan or what is called a business strategy in order to distribute or popularize yours. The plan that is optimal, deliverable and in fact consistent. Make a schedule and maintain that time table, spare your time and see on which business hours your audience are active, (you may even experiment two or three days to identify the best business hours for posting). 

3. Incomplete profile

Your social media profile is the front-line or face of your business. So, having a very good; and importantly complete profile is most important for business development especially for the start-up business owners. Make it attractive with optimum graphics. Maintaining the same profile all across the social networks is also a good practice.

Source : orderwise

4. Promoting self

Well, the theme of social network is to make relationship by 
  1. Sharing and letting others share yours
  2. Helping and getting help from others
Social networking is a two way communication process and will be effective only when you are concerned about others too. I can say, boosting about self (all the times) is the worst social media practice. Be truthful and acknowledge others for their works. Appreciate them properly and you will see that they will too recognize you; and in fact support/help you in spreading your business. Even, great influencers and business magnets limits self promotion, because they know the fact. If you are always talking about yourself, then you will be the only person listening to you !

5. Inadequate content

Well, this point is more or less related to the first point 'Over socializing'. Before having sufficient content; getting socialized will only help you to get good number of connections, but will have less effect on productivity. So, you should exhibit consistency and as a starter focus more on content making rather than just socializing.

6. Not understanding/listening to audience

It's true; your audience are the best judges for your content. It is your audience whom guide you in shaping your content as well as help you in identifying the key areas of focus. So, as a beginner, try to interact with as many people as possible. Understand what they expect from you and get suggestions or comments from them. Most Importantly LISTEN to them, I mean listen to their comments or requirements. Never ignore your audience.

Source : Preschoolar

7. One man army !

If you are representing a business, then taking in hand everything right from the content making to distribution in social media would be a big burden. You may not handle everything, and if your business grows, then you will face the real pressure. So, avoid being an one man army, involve people to work for you and build a team.

Source : latest new pics

8. Patience/consistency

Success in social media marketing is a long process, and you need to be really patient. Social media results are long term and we cannot expect immediate benefits from them. So, be consistent and keep active in social networks.

Source : Santoshrahul

9. Not analysing the competitors 

Being un-keen to market is a big mistake. Analyse your competitors by knowing the following details
  1. What are they posting ?
  2. What is their success level ?
  3. How often they share content ?
  4. Are they sharing their own content or others too ?
  5. How are they representing - single or brand ?
  6. Whom they target ?
Analyzing answers for the above questions will help you effectively drive your business growth.

10. Targeting profits right from the start 

This is of course one of the biggest mistake that most of the start-up business do, i.e targeting sales/profits right from the beginning of online business process. This supports the point 8 of this post i.e being impatient/inconsistent. I will clear this with an example, it takes at least one month to construct a home right, and even if you spend some extra money, then also you can't build a home within 2 days or so. 

Same applies with the success/profits from your online business. So, it's not at all an intelligent act if you focus totally on profits right from the start. It's advisable to concentrate on developing brand awareness among audience, as well as get more visitors or audience initially, your profits shall follow automatically !

11. Being human and social

Being brand mean being robotic, sorry to say this ! While involving in SMM, most of us forget the fact that we are here to socialize and not solely to popularize. Being human in the sense being casual/social, attending some of the problems of others as well as giving your suggestions (that may vary from ordinary to valuable). This will help you to develop long term relationship with many. Also many would be trusting you because of your support.


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