Friday, 4 April 2014

How to create a Blog | course - 6 | blog Design template-2

We had covered five courses on 'how to create a blogger blog' in the previous posts and this course is a continuation of the four. The five courses being :

Course - 4 | How to create a post

We will further learn some more template design settings in this session. As usual we will see the proceedings in step-by-step process.

Step - 1

Log in to your blogger account and go-to blog > Template and click the 'Customize' button as shown in the below picture.

Step - 2

Now click 'Advanced' button in the settings pane provided at the top left corner of the template page as shown in the picture. Then check 'Page Text'. Page Text is nothing but the settings of text that appear in the actual article. 

As shown in the picture, we are allowed to select the font style, pixel as well as text color. The selection of the font color depends on your blogs background colors, whereas the font pixel selection is based on font style chosen. Do make an experiment by varying the style, pixel and color and select those that are mostly pleasing to you.

Step - 3

The Backgrounds setting allows you to choose appropriate color for outer as well as footer of your blog. The settings were shown below.

Step - 4

The 'Links' setting only changes the colors of the html links that too in the side bar (left or right). You can see this blogs links in blue color in the right gadgets bar. 

Visited color indicates the color that appears when a visitor clicks that link. Enabling visited color helps the visitor in identifying the links that are yet to click. 

Hover color is the color that appears when a mouse is placed on the link. The settings are shown below.

Step - 5

Now, click over 'Blog Title'. This is the title that appears in the top of your blog, just like that shown for this blog 'Easy Blogger Stuff'.

This setting allows you to change the font style, size and color of the Title with the options of bold and italic.

Step - 6

The next setting 'Blog Description' is the text that appears just below the blog title (if you have included that).

Step - 7

'Tabs' are the blog categories, also called as 'Pages' that cam be included in every blog for the purpose of easy navigation. We had already learned about Pages in our previous course. Now, the 'Tabs Text' allows you to change the text style, color and size of the tab. 

Like you can for this blog (at the top of the page), the tabs are HOME, SEO, SMM, Make money etc. like shown below.

Step - 8

To change the background settings of the above tabs, you need to click 'Tabs Background' as shown below. Choose the separator color.

Step - 9

'Date Header' can be seen just above the post title (or below the blog title). The next setting 'Post' is the important concern for blog design. The 'Title font' is the font style and size settings for the post title that appear above each post. 

'Background color' and 'Border color' are not for the title but for the total blog post. As shown in the example, a light brown post background is selected on brown background. This applies from top to bottom of the blog. You may even select the border for better visibility.

Step - 10

'Gadgets' are the widgets that appear either in right, left, top or bottom of the blog post. 

This settings are meant to choose the color, size and font of your blog, an example of gadgets shown below (from this blog). 

Step - 11

The remaining settings like 'Footer', 'Footer Links' are for the bottom most appearance of the blog and by default, they can be left as it is. The 'Add CSS' helps you to edit template code and is usually done by advanced bloggers who know much about coding. As of now, the basic settings are enough to deal with to customize our blogs.


  1. Cool. Looking forward to getting started. Cheers !

    1. Hi Jackson,

      It's good that you found my tutorials. Blogspot is a good blogging platform and you will enjoy writing posts as soon as you setup a blog of your own. Hope you enjoy the posts in this blog.

      Happy blogging :)

  2. Great work! Please how do i create tabs in order to make it easy for my readers to navigate my posts easily?

    1. Hi Quadri,

      Good to hear that you are working on Blogspot and thanks for the note. Actually I already gave guide for 'How to customize and include page tabs' in my earlier post, that's why I didn't wrote that again. Anyway here is the link

      How to customise and add page menu tabs in Blogger

      I just didn't added similar posts in this page 'Create Blog'. Further you may check more similar posts (that are more or less related to blog design) under the page tabs 'Blog design' as well as 'SEO' in this blog. Hope this helps !

      Happy blogging :)

  3. Very good work! Verymuch useful...Thank you!.....I 've created a blog in blogger.....i am using igallery template.....ive added the dropdown menus using html code.....i havent posted anything yet.....i want to know how to make my posts appear in that particular dropdown......that is how to link my posts to the drop down menu?

    1. I have searched a lot about drop down menu. I couldn't succeed in making one. But may be you can change your html code a little and include URL's manually, something like the comment html code that we use to leave a linked comment. May be you can experiment on this.