Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to improve creativity and Lateral thiinking - Infography

Let me state the definition of 'Creativity' in my own language.

"Creativity can be defined as an art of thinking/imagining/writing/acting/doing or even speaking something NEW - that differs from the rest and that is probably :
  • Unique
  • Astonishing
  • Appreciable
  • Acceptable
  • Adoptable and in fact
  • Practical"
Improving creativity is a time taking process and it definitely consumes time. One need to practice a lot to make him/her capable of thinking laterally. I grouped the practices under two separate categories and gave detailed explanations in my other blog (Stuff-You-Look). You may check the following links to go through them
  1. Behavioral practices 
  2. Habitual practices
Please go through the below infograph which makes you aware of how to improve your creativity.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Share your views or ideas on how to improve creativity by leaving comment below. Your views are mostly appreciated.



Finally, I would like to thank a fellow blogger Ms. Shiwangi Shrivastava; writer and owner of Pensitdown blog - for initiating me in writing this article. She suggested me to concentrate on similar articles.

Big thanks to her !



  1. Hi Bhanu,

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    1. Hi Shiwangi ji,

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  2. Wow nice tips to improve creativity thanks a lot for sharing with us...

    1. Thank you Shanthi for your appreciation and thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment :)

  3. Nice blog, Bhanu. A lot to learn from your post. It's a great idea to feature up-coming bloggers. When they become successful, they will not forget the fact that you lent a hand in their early days.
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    1. Hi Onyeka,

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