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Bloggers success story | Interview with Shiwangi Srivastava

Welcome back friends. This article is all about my interview with a co-blogger named 'Shiwangi Srivastava' from India; whom started blogging very recently (six months back). She has been a good supporter to my blog and also helped me in writing some posts in this blog. In spite of facing hectic family schedules, she manages to write for her own blog (named Pensitdown), help others as well as do some freelancing jobs out of passion and interest

(Shiwangi Srivastava - Blogger, writer, freelancer)

Her blog Pensitdown is all about topics related to Blogging, writing, money making, social media, technology, personal, family suggestions and more. Of course her blog is still on the process of development. Her motive is to write more to achieve further success and help co-bloggers by sharing their content. She believes in the fact 'Sharing is caring'.

Below is the status of Shiwangi Srivastava's social media presence 

Before I interviewed her, she put the following question to me:

"Hi Bhanu, Thanks for providing me an opportunity to share my views with the readers. Before you initiate the conversation with me I want to put a question to you first of all. What made you think of conducting my interview, who is still learning and yet in the road to the city of knowledge as a blogger."

That's really a good question. My answer to this is :

"Well sis, The main idea of bringing this concept 'Interview with bloggers' is to serve the beginners or even intermediates, so that they might go through the response and understand how co-bloggers are performing and managing activities. If I start my first interview with say an influencer, then of course my readers will enjoy that, they will come to know about the struggle the influencer took in developing their own brand and also go through their achievements. 

But the fact is I got worried whether that could assume any negative effects ! As you know almost all influencers have tremendous number of followers, page views and fans. And if the beginners see such huge figures, they may get feared thinking that 'achieving this much might not be possible'. They might feel that they are nowhere in this blogger world. This is what I feared. So, I made my mind to start interviewing the one whom is an intermediate blogger, but well connected with many influencers and also maintaining a good professional network. Your social status (figures as above) might lighten them and give them confidence to continue their work without leaving in the middle. Although in the coming interviews, I would target influencers. 
Hope that justifies"

OK, here is how I posed questions and how she responded to that

1. What did you do before your presence in social media (blogging) ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Before blogging, my dreams were monotonous and limited. I was happy working with 'Muthoot Group', but after that I left the job because I wanted my baby boy to undergo all considerable steps of parental care. Indeed I was happily occupied with my cute boy.

2. Why did you choose blogging ? Is there any strong reason ? Please state any three reasons.

Shiwangi's reply :
(Aha my favorite quest) When it comes to choose blogging it’s quite straightforward answer which I am going to share in three powerful reasons:
  1. Firstly, I was little disheartened to relinquish my stable career and you know baby concern always win over shaping a career for a mother. Therefore I always look for the option to work from home as a writer. After some research in Google I went to know the and few more sites for making career as a writer. Even I got one offer for content writer but did not get certain edge from it. I am passionate about writing and playing with collection of words and giving it some bizarre twist and turns is always my first love.
  2. Secondly, show me one woman who does not want to be superwomen may be there are many. But I always wanted to give wings to my desire. I know the path of my dream career may be fraught with extra challenges and setbacks because I wanted to taste the flavor of parenting and professionalism being at home. It is like holding both distant ends. 
  3. Thirdly, I wanted to be self-dependent. Regardless of the fact that I am not head and shoulder or bread winner of my family. As my husband is doing it perfectly. Even I instill penchant to make my own penny to enhance my self-respect and to identify my potential.
All three mantra made me indulge into the blog zone.

3. How did you managed to drive traffic to your blog in the beginning ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Apart from a support of my cousin brother Atish Ranjan (who is experienced and helped me in driving good traffic;  CEO of - Techtricksworld) I was generally showing my social presence in different networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. I also used to comment maximum on other fellow bloggers so that my blog will get acknowledgement and visible to maximum people.

Atish one introduction for my blog was sufficient to beckon many bloggers to switch to me. And I establish relationship with my fellow bloggers or friends that is USP of driving traffic in initial time. 

4. Could you please tell us about your readers ?

Shiwangi's reply :
My readers are my God. Without them I am like fish out of water. If my blog is picking certain height this is all because of my readers. They can make and they can spoil. I always try to find the midst way out to keep the bonding alive between me and my readers. It is not only my duty to acknowledge my readers choice but also I love to do according to my readers.

5. How do you manage personal/family life along with blogging and social networking ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Literally, it is very frazzled and tough to handle four section altogether in 24 hours. 
  • Looking after Family
  • Write for Blog
  • Establish presence in social networking sites
  • Freelance Writing
When I do work officially I do not want the involvement of personal life for distraction and vice-versa. Many times I find myself torn between the witching hours when my work and family want my full attention altogether. Trust me this is a big irksome.  After suffering few days I made strategy to balance both online and offline work. Sometimes I still trapped and end up suffering everything. But I cannot escape from any four of the responsibility as they all are my favorite too. Still happy that I am in the company of most liked stuff i.e. blogging.

6. At present, how much visitors (approximately) do you get to your blog ?

Shiwangi's reply :
As I started my blog six months ago. Earlier I was non-seriously handling it. Atish used to warn me by saying you are taking blogging for granted. His blah blah suggestion boosted me and gave me energy to perform well. I did work sincerely over my blog 3 months only. Frankly I do not have much knowledge of optimizing the posts but still I managed to get more than 250 unique visits on daily basis. 

7. Did you anytime felt like "Am I doing right ? Is this useful ?" during your blogging career ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Never felt, even an iota.  Though I encounter few and rare disagreement but blogging has got certain ingredients to motivate you. Whenever you feel low any of the layers of blogging world would come and lift you up for sure.

8. Which blogs inspired you to start your own ? 

Shiwangi's reply :
I was unaware of any of the Blog I read today. I read my cousin's few of the post. His blog can be excellent example for anyone who indeed wants to be in this world.

9. Is there anyone who inspired you to achieve this success ?


Shiwangi's reply :
First of all I did not achieve success yet, lot of things is yet in pipeline. I remember I called Atish bro and said I want to write for your blog. He asserted me by saying 'why do you think small Di? Don’t you want to be famous and in limelight'. I said who else do not want to squeeze all those stuff. He created blog for me and despite of his hectic schedule made me learnt lot.

I would like to say thanks Atish through this medium which I never said for his unwavering favor and countless simultaneous support and of course he has answered my non-stop and silly questions often. 

10. Can  you list some of your favorite influencers and co-bloggers ?

Shiwangi's reply :
None other than Atish and Nirmala (Owner of - My-magic-fundas). They are my favorite; both of them are very hard working and value the time. They inspired me not only in professional level but also in personal front. They two always come to me and encourage me to ask for their favor.  They are the one I can knock their door anytime.

In fact, I believe even newbie blogger can inspire you. Everybody has their own individuality and even points of them which set everyone apart from others. 

11. Whom are your family supporters ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Family is always a harbor whenever you meet any sort of moment. Since beginning my real elder brother kept plotted me for giving priority to reading and writing. I instilled it on my mind and now the time has come I can write on any issues. My family feels proud to see me in that stage of life and always encourage me to do better. My siblings are the pillar of my condition in which I am now. My all family members have been such blessings to me in my initial time and even now.

12. Can you briefly explain some of your achievements as a blogger ? Something that you can't forget !

Shiwangi's reply :
Yep, my blog Pensitdown within 6 months has got Alexa Rank down approx 1,52,000. One of my posts List of 9 Microblogging sites ranked on first page with keyword “Microblogging sites list”. My blog has got increasing number of readership. But I have a long way to go. I need to get my Alexa atleast 20k then I will consider that I have achieved something. And of course due to my blog I got number of offers for content writing. Besides that I feel happiness is big asset for anyone and blogging is way to my bliss. It has given me enormous reason to stay happy and calm. Truly biggest achievement.

13. What are the steps that you took to get identified by many ?

Shiwangi's reply :
See as I said earlier, being a Atish sister is always advantage for me. His reputation in blogosphere helped me immense. The number of his fan following, admirer and most decent guy ever is all obvious reason to get lot of exposure from many.  Apart from this I involved myself in social shares and likes. Also gave lot of priorities to comments to get maximum acknowledgement. Boosting social presence is a key ingredient to get identified. 

14. What tools do you use to manage your social media presence ?

Shiwangi's reply :
I don’t need to use any tools like ManageWP, Glyder or any to sustain my social media presence. I only stick to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Just re-tweet, Buffer and so on. But I am erratic in most of the sites.

15. Could you state your major source of income (if any) from your blog ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Freelance Writing gives me sufficient income as of now. There is so much potential of making money yet to be tapped in the form of monetization ideology like Affiliate Marketing, Paid post and from Banner Ads and so on.

16. Blogging and social media presence is really a tough job and requires much of our time. What else do you do aside from blogging ? How do you keep yourself positive and active ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Blogging itself is highly time consuming job with tremendous challenges. I am not that much productive that I can step in other business apart from content writing and blogging.  

When it comes to positivity I believe that nothing is more positive and reasonable profession than blogging. When you work in Corporate you undergo huge pressure without any appreciation whereas in blog zone there are in most of your step you face appreciation. Blogging work culture ensures very well to pamper their employee. 

17. What suggestions would you give beginners for their success ? How do you want them to start ?

Shiwangi's reply :
I am also beginner and learner. From my experience up-to now I would like to suggest them that they must have Mentor. Without mentor they can find themselves in missteps which can overshadow everything. 
  • There are three stages of knowledge – Listening, Contemplation and Practice. Act upon it.
  • Try to expand your Network and build your rappot with co- bloggers.
  • Trust your instinct.
  • Be eveready to help as per your knowledge. It does not mean if you don’t know even you are misguiding newbie to show your presence. There is no way to coy if you don’t have knowledge even if you hold good position.
  • Success should never go to your head. Always try to be favourite more than successful.

18. As a blogger, where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Shiwangi's reply :
Let me triggered sharp reaction Lol. In today’s world, blogging take numerous twist and turns and the future is murky too. Five years is very obscure to predict. Even though I see myself full time pro blogger with at least one award in hand. Is this cocky and arrogant( haha). It’s my pipe dream.

Pleasure to be connected.


That's how our conversation ended. Hope you enjoyed reading this. I'm glad that Shiwangi ma'am accepted my request and took the pain of writing and suggesting this much. I was actually surprised to see detailed answers from her because usually people give short responses to save their time. I appreciate her again for sparing her valuable time by putting her hectic schedules aside in order to contribute to this blog.

Thank you ma'am !


Hope this helps.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by posting a comment below. 

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  1. Good job "sir".........keep it up..very proud on u...........(y)

    1. Thank you Rakesh,

      Thanks for your acknowledgement.

  2. You're a great inspiration for the newbie bloggers Shiwangi and am great fan of your writing. Good to know about your 6 months blogging journey and I wish to achieve a grand success with your precise writing skill. But am suggesting you to focus on KW research to drive traffic from search engines and write trendy matters to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

    I have no words about Atish, am doing good because of him and you're lucky to have him as your brother. Thanks for the kind mention and I'll support you forever :)

    1. Thank you Nirmala ma'am for dropping your comments here. Great to see your views in my blog !

  3. Hi Bhanu,

    Thanks for making me feel so special. I am learning but such encouragement will definitely add more zing to my life.

    I am now weighed with more responsibility as I have to live upto the expectations.

    Yours ques was very close to my heart and made feel easy to answer.

    You are doing so good and keep working this way.

    It was good discussion with you. Thanks for sharing my views before others.


    1. Hi Shiwangi,

      Let me tell you that sparing time for others is itself a big matter and you did that without a moment hesitation, that itself shows your attitude. That's why the saying 'Sharing is Caring' suits you. Well, I am glad to hear that my questions were easy for you to answer. And yes I will keep doing this kind of works for sure in the coming days too !

      I enjoyed very much discussing with you than you did. Hope you will have a bright career as a blogger and i'm sure your answers will definitely help the newbies to keep themselves motivated without loosing their confidence.

      Keep rocking with your writings and thanks a ton for being a part of this blog.

      cheers :)

  4. Hi Nirmala,

    Love to see you here. Whatever you are saying is right I will surely focus on keywords actually I want freedom in writing that deter me to look for the research. Its my pleasure to have your suggestion I am going to inject it into my vein.

    So that I will not ever go wrong and deviate from the track.

    Thanks for coming and express your valuable words for me and it is providing me energy like glucose.

  5. Replies
    1. ha ha,
      Nothing to congrats Ashish, anyway thanks for coming. Hope you are fine and doing well :)

  6. Thats Great! Good to see you being interviewed! I understand how it feels when something happens to you for the first time! keep it up di!

    Don't you guys think "Atish" Word is too many times in the post :P Keyword density of "Atish" is too high lol!

    Keep it up!

  7. Hello Shiwangi di,

    Your 6 months journey is really a booster for me to focus on my works.
    Wish you a grand success in blogosphere.

    And Atish bhai you deserve to have your name in each and every single interview of a newbie blogger like us :)

  8. Hey Bhanu,
    Thanks for the interview, its good to know about new bloggers. I have been a reader for pensitdown from past few days. But I did not knew Shiwangi as sister of Atish, anyhow she has a recognition on her own. Shiwangi writes well and she does have a great future. Happy blogging Bhanu and Shiwangi hope to see more of you guys in future...

    1. Hi Vijesh,

      Thanks for your comments. Have a great day :)

  9. Hi Atish bro,

    You know I will not stop even if you will say in that case. I abide yoir suggestion only in profeesional front but in personal level I will not listen to you if you say dont write for me.

    I love to appreciate you so my feeling should not be restricted.

    Guys I never give thought to target keywords in my post but this time I have used it perfectly that is you.

    Thanks for being here.

  10. Hi Shiv,

    It is always a nice feeling to get the bunch of good words from your well wishers and you are also one of them.

    As these days I do see you to comment over my blog often. I also appreciate your work and made me learn many stuff from your blog.

    Thanks for such a lovely sharing.

    1. Thank you di for appreciating my work. And I am glad to know that you liked my work & got to learn something from it.
      Thanks for your kind words :)

  11. Hi Vijesh,

    I am glad that you do read my blog. Thanks for appreciating my work and narrated for me by saying that I do stand individually of my own that means a lot.

    Your encouragement is blessing for me and given me more zeal to excel.
    Thanks for the sharing your views.

  12. HI everyone and Shiwangi,

    First of all sorry for approving the comments very late. Shiwangi ma'am has commented very early, but because I have been with my own personal works, I couldn't approve her comments earlier. Thank you Atish, Shiv and Vijesh for leaving your comments.

    Thank you Shiwangi di for being prompt and replying to each and every comments. That shows your responsibility and with this attitude i'm sure you will achieve more :)

  13. Thanks Bhanu for sharing with us another successful story. Delighted to read Shiwangi Story.

    1. Hi Sauti,

      Great to see you in my blog. Thanks for your comments.

    2. Hi Shauti,

      Nice to know your views about the interview and I want all people paticularly women to get inspiration and they should listen to their heart.
      Thanks for the nice words.

  14. wow so Shiwangi you are now here
    really feel very happy for you . Stay blessed always
    and thanx bhanu for sharing this story about Shiwangi
    Happy Blogging

    1. Hello Kapil,

      You are always welcome and thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.
      Happy weekend to you :)

  15. Great post,thanks a lot Bhanu Chander for posting this awesome interview with us.

    1. Thanks for dropping by sis. Great to see your support in all my blogs !
      God bless you :)

  16. nice interview bro. i had talked with her she is very intelligent....

  17. Good one. I see that you are not updating your blog. Would like to see you continue it.

  18. Hi,

    I am following Atish from long back, I am surprised to know that he is your cousin brother, blogging life is really crazy if you don't have mentor to support you.

    Bhanu thanks for publishing this interview because it given me the opportunity to know much information about Shiwangi.

  19. Hi,
    Great interview.
    i just land on pensitdown and its really informative articles, specially make money online section.