Friday, 21 March 2014

Triberr basics | How to create an account and link blog posts

Well, we had seen the benefits of joining Triberr and how it helps boost traffic as well as followers. We know see how to create an account as well as link our blog RSS with Triberr to enable others share our content. Follow the step-by-step procedure.

Step - 1

Signup to Triberr by giving your name, mail ID and your website URL. As soon as you get into, Triberr will ask you to integrate either of the three accounts viz. Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Select your desired media (prefer Twitter). Once you are done linking your social media account. You will see a page with details as shown below. 

Enter the preferred keywords relevant to your website or blog niche, in the 'Get Started' option as shown below. 

If you are a social media marketer, enter something like SEO, SMM, marketing, business, entrepreneur, content making, curating etc. Then click search, you will then be shown a page with some active posts like the picture shown below.

Step - 2

Look for the tab 'Tribes' provided at the top center of the page and click it. Then you will be shown an overview of your tribes. Since you are new, you will only see 'New Tribe' bar at the top. If you scroll a little down, you will see some available tribes most suited to your preferred search area. Of course you can click them and join as a follower or member. However we will learn here to see how to create our own tribe. Click the 'New Tribe' option.

Step - 3

Clicking this will display a pop-up display where you need to give a name to your tribe as well as select the 'category' as shown below. Click 'save' after your selection.

Step - 4

Now, your new tribe is ready, but we need to do some more settings in order to make it more useful. Click the 'Account' drop down menu and click 'Settings' as shown in the below picture.

Step - 5

You will now see the settings page 'Manage your profile'. Enter the required details, don't forget to give a unique username as well as bio. 

Step - 6

Now, click the tab 'My Social Networks' and you should see the following page. As you can see the twitter profile is already updated because I used initially twitter to integrate my account. 

You may even add your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles here. OK, Now click 'Assign Tribes' to see a popup  window with the list of tribes (as shown below), that you either created or joined. In the picture; the tribe 'Social media blogging' is what I created and 'Bloggers zone' is what I joined before creating my own. If you had joined multiple Tribes, then you should be seeing all that tribe list here. Ensure that your twitter or any other social media profile is linked with that. The blue tab indicated that the profiles were assigned to the respective tribes. If you don't see blue tabs, just click on the plain profiles.

Remember you can assign only a single blog to a tribe and adding multiple blogs to the same tribe is not allowed. But your blog can be used in any number of tribes.

Step - 7

OK, once you have ensured that tabs are appearing, click 'Save'.  Now, the next thing to do is to link your blogs feed URL to the tribe. Linking blog feed URL, allows the Triberr to automatically fetch your new posts to your account. It then display the posts to the bloggers as well as tribe members. So, linking your feed is an important task to be done before getting active in Triberr. For this, click 'My Blogs' tab provided in the same page and click 'Edit' button as shown in the picture.

Step -8

You will now see a pop-up window. Give some name to your website, paste your homepage URL as well as RSS Feed URL. (I hope you already have feed burner account and a valid feed URL for your blog. If you don't have one, please do Google it and join feed burner to get a feed URL). Now click 'Save'.

Step - 9

After saving and returning to the same page, click 'Check Feed' link as shown below, which will now fetch your recent posts (Whenever you publish a new post, do check this as an extra precaution). After fetching your posts, click 'Assign Tribes', again you will see a pop-up window. 

You will now see the list of tribes (your own tribe and the one you joined), Be careful to select the best tribe because every Tribe can only have a single blog (for 30 days), so choose the correct tribe that you wish to include, preferably select your own tribe to be assigned, or if you don't have a tribe then choose the tribe having more reach, members and where members frequently update their posts.

Click the drop down menu and select the blog URL. (If you had added two blogs then you may add a blog to one tribe and the other blog to some other tribe). Keep the rest unassigned as shown.

You are done with linking your blog to your tribe. Now, the left job is to search for relevant bloggers or influencers and invite them to your blog. You may also update a status under 'Bonfires' stating that you are new, created a tribe and wish to add more members to your tribe.  Now, to receive more followers and get noted by influencers just start sharing others posts by placing your cursor on the green 'share' button. That's it.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by posting a comment below. 

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  1. I joined this site today... the only problem i faced is while uploading my profile pic!.

    1. Hi Tuhin,

      As you can see, when you link your social media account with Triberr, then it will automatically takes the profile picture of the account. Now, the problem is Triberr only accepts a square picture, preferably 64 X 64. So, all you need to do is change your social media profile picture to a square one. Social media account refers to either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (the one you integrated).

      After changing your profile pic, open your Triberr account go-to settings > My social networks > add twitter account (if you linked twitter).

      Adding again should take the new profile picture. Now refresh the page and see the result.

      Hope this helps :) keep watching for my other posts.

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